Becoming a Red Loon is preposterously simple: if you think you’re one, you are. Do you want to fight for justice and equity in soccer and beyond? Do you want to work with organizations like Avenues for Homeless Youth, Central Honors Philando Castile, and the Hamline-Midway Coalition? You’re already pre-approved!

If you’d like to get more involved, come to our next monthly meeting! Shoot us an email at for details, or cold approach any Red Loons you see and ask.

If you’d like to become a card-carrying member, you can join for $35/year. Membership gets you a scarf and a membership card for discounts at an ever-growing list of bars, restaurants, breweries, and retail stores around Minnesota.

If you’re bourgeois enough to have season tickets in the Supporters Section, your ticket also includes membership in one supporters group— be sure to indicate Red Loons when you buy your ticket!