What does it mean to be Minnesota United’s left wing? What’s behind “Soccer. Beer. Labor.”?


  • Soccer is more than twenty-two players on a pitch. It’s more than the fans in the crowd or the people watching in bars and living rooms. Soccer is the stadium cleaners and concession workers, the photographers and gate agents. It’s the people who live up the street from the field, who sit in their front yard watching flag-waiving strangers stream past on Saturday afternoons. Soccer is the Teamster rolling a keg into the walk-in cooler on game day morning and the bartender who taps it. Soccer is the parent driving their kid to practice, and the one staying home with the baby, It’s the teenager taking her friend to his first game and the bus driver taking them there. It’s the feeling of hearing a goal from a block away. Soccer is much more than a game. It’s a spirit— a community.

  • The Red Loons support and promote all soccer, wherever played, from the soaring heights of the Women’s World Cup to after-school pickup ball in the alley.

  • Soccer is the world’s sport, and we cherish how it connects us all across cultures, languages, and borders.


  • Whether celebrating or commiserating, Red Loons are committed to having a good time during our brief, shared stay on the pale blue dot. Being happy is, legally, both self-care and good praxis.

  • Red Loons connect with others as much as possible. Want to go to an ICE protest? Call the Red Loons. Want to organize a voter registration drive in Midway? Call the Red Loons. Watch party for FC St. Pauli vs. Hamburg SV? Viewing of Maid in Manhattan through the lens of historical materialism? My friend, you barely need to ask.


  • The Red Loons fight to empower workers and meaningful labor. We want fair wages, unions, and job security for all. “Me?” you might be asking. Yes, you!

  • If your brand of diversity and inclusivity would feel right at home in a Bud Light commercial, you need to crank it up a couple notches. The Red Loons are committed to smashing sexism, racism, homophobia, and bigotry anywhere found.

  • We fight to make sure Midway, Union Park, and the workers of Allianz Field get their piece of Minnesota United’s growth.

  • We support the freedom of people to move and live with dignity, particularly vulnerable immigrants and refugees. Imagine it was you!

  • We fight for environmentally sustainable living, and protect the ecosystems that do the same for us. Naturally, we also oppose artificial turf.

  • We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting fascism, authoritarians, and oppression worldwide.

  • We love coordinating with other leftist groups. DSA? Around here that “S” stands for “soccer.” IWW? “International Wonderwall.” Local 563? The number of goals we score against new expansion teams.